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G Mario's Candidate Statement

Why i'm Running to Represent the 3rd Ward

Eureka is on a path of dynamic transformation and our city leadership requires those willing to learn from and engage our residents as we continue forward. With my background in community organizing and union representation, I am compelled to public service and want our community to flourish so that our residents may prosper. In 2018, I was elected to Eureka City Schools Board of Trustees on a platform of “Think Positive: Plan Ahead” because we often found ourselves reacting rather than planning ahead and responding deliberately.


As our community grows–with the introduction of our state’s newest polytechnic university next door–and the effects of climate change continue to worsen we need to reconsider our land-use policies and consider more mixed-use residential and tiny-homes/micro-apartments for our working class families and individuals. Our economic development plan needs to be collaborative and deliberate and work with our local schools and community college so our city can better engage and retain young professionals and tradespeople as our community prepares for renewable energy and aquaculture projects. Once we’ve established a plan for housing and the economic success of our community, all Eureka residents can begin to feel safe and thrive.

Eureka is a joy to live in, and together with the support of modern policies and ideas that strengthen our community we can ensure the success of our city and its residents. I ask that you vote G Mario Fernandez for Eureka City Council Ward 3.

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