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August 5, 2022

I am proud to announce my campaign for Eureka City Council in Ward 3! I hope you'll join me on Election Day November 8th and encourage your friends, family and neighbors to vote for a candidate that represents the community with dedication, compassion, and consideration of the issues we are facing.



I see Eureka as a dynamic and diverse community that is the hub of our North Coast regional community. Our evolution here at the local level will have a transformative impact throughout Humboldt County that will require proven experienced leadership.



  • “Green” Jobs

  • Aquaculture

Infrastructure (ties into public safety and climate)

  • Public Transit

  • Safe Roads


Our infrastructure is a view into how adaptive and responsive we are as a city. I support how responsive our City is to traffic safety concerns and repaving projects; however, we need to invoke the wisdom of our community and adapt to our experience of severe climate change. I believe, our adaptation--whether from the investment of renewable energies, creation of “green” jobs, or new building standards--needs to be intentional and done with total transparency and participation from within our community. 


  • Dense

  • Affordable

  • Workforce

  • Housing the unHoused

The City of Eureka needs to focus on denser mixed-use planning as we look forward to housing solutions. This means looking at vacant lots and developed areas of the community to create housing and business in a way that families and individuals can live and work without the need to commute long distances.
There’s also the need to work with local community orgs to establish/re-establish transitional housing for the unhoused population to rebuild their lives.

Public Safety

  • Defund = Reallocation

  • Mental Health

Decades have come and gone with disparate groups of our community requesting to reallocate law enforcement funds toward mental health domestic solutions with little to no response from our previous leaders. The language has changed to “Defund” our police because instead of yelling for “help” we are yelling “fire!” I support the rhetoric because it remains the same--reallocate the funds and remove the burden of playing counselor/therapist/social worker from police officers to those specialists in their field.

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